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Practice Areas Overview

Experienced Estates, Trusts & Probate Law Practitioner Focuses on Needs of Clients in Washington, D.C. and Maryland In more than 30 years of probate practice, Barbara R. Miller has gained the knowledge and skills necessary to represent clients in the following areas:

  • Estate Administration (Probate): We assist with all phases of the process from preparation and filing of the petition for probate to distribution of assets and closure of the estate. Along the way we prepare all necessary documents including inventories and accounts and provide advice about every aspect of the process including appraisal and sale of assets, transfer of real estate and filing of required tax returns.
  • Estate Planning: Our estate planning services are designed to help you complete all of the documents necessary to provide clear direction for your future, including wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney and advance medical directives. After carefully examining your specific goals, our attorney is able to offer the comprehensive guidance you need to ensure that your affairs are handled in exactly the way you wish.
  • Guardianships & Conservatorships: In an effort to help you ensure the safety and security of your loved ones, our attorney offers comprehensive assistance in the establishment of guardianships and conservatorships for individuals who have become mentally or physically incapacitated. We work diligently to secure your appointment as guardian or conservator so that you will have legal authority to pay bills and make financial and/or medical decisions on behalf of a loved one who is no longer able to handle his or her own affairs.
  • Real Estate Services: As many estates include real estate, our attorney offers assistance with the transfer of title through preparation and recordation of an appropriate deed. If estate property is to be sold rather than transferred to family members, we offer comprehensive guidance throughout the transaction, reviewing and advising with respect to contracts and representing the estate at settlement.
  • Guardianships of Minors: When a child inherits property or becomes entitled to insurance proceeds or proceeds from a lawsuit filed on his or her behalf, it is often necessary to seek the appointment of a guardian of the child’s property. We can assist with the appointment process and advise the parent or other guardian with regard to the uses to which the child’s funds can be put and the proper procedures for accessing the child’s money so that it can be used for his or her benefit.

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